Why so many are retiring to Ballina

Retirement has changed.

Where retirees were once happy spending their days in rocking chairs, playing board games, today’s retirement generation are sharp, energetic folks who want to enjoy their golden years. The question, why so many are retiring to Ballina is obvious, it’s a little piece of Australian paradise.


1. Glorious weather

Ballina enjoys a humid-subtropical climate. Meaning, mild winters, pleasant spring and fall, and sultry summers. Not too hot that it’s uncomfortable, just nice and warm. There is a fair amount of rainfall in summer, but looking at the lush green surroundings, that is only to be expected. The days are not gray and dreary though, like in so many other places, but rather brilliant and refreshing.


2. Beautiful location

Ballina is located in Northern New South Wales, 500 miles north of Sydney and 60 miles southeast of Brisbane. This location has been hailed as “Australia’s little piece of paradise”. The area has three rivers that connect the town with other small towns, villages and over three hundred hamlets. There’s lush vegetation, tall trees and colorful flowers.


3. Real Estate

When people reach retirement age, their children have a life of their own and their house is suddenly too big. Why stay in a big house where most of the rooms are empty? The real estate in Ballina is booming. Hundreds of houses are for sale or to let and there’s something for everyone, from sprawling mansions with a private swimming pool and tennis court, to cute little cottages.


4. Plenty of entertainment

While Ballina offers peace and quiet for those who want to relax, the rivers and the ocean provide plenty of entertainment. It’s a favorite hangout for surfers, boaters, anglers and beach lovers. You can swim in clear blue water, deep sea dive, or just enjoy the warm sand and the sun on your skin. Then again, you can just sit on the beach or your veranda, and watch the annual migration of the whales.


5. Shopping possibilities

Want to do some shopping? Ballina has everything you need. A number of shops, supermarkets and malls provide furniture, electronics, sports equipment, fashion, jewelry, and anything else that’s needed. There are also plenty of coffee shops, diners, and restaurants. Culture seekers can visit Alstonville, rich with architectural buildings, historic sites and cultural experiences.

Why so many people are retiring to Ballina is easy to understand once you’ve seen the area and experienced the lifestyle. Life is exciting without being rushed, quiet without being boring.