The landmark Ballina Big Prawn sells for $21.3 million

ICONIC crustacean the Big Prawn has sold for $21.3 million, oh, and there is a Bunnings Warehouse thrown into the deal as well.


If your local town wanted to sell you a prawn for $21 million, you’d balk at the offer, even if it is possibly Australia’s largest prawn.


But the Big Prawn in Ballina is more than just a major icon for visitors to the township. It happens to stand at the front of one of Ballina’s largest businesses, Bunnings Warehouse.


The huge prawn has been there for many years and was actually approved for demolition by the local Ballina Council back in 2009. However, a push from the patriotic community to have the prawn remain a landmark for the town, and now proudly sits curled up at the front of Bunnings.


The Bunnings Store only opened it’s doors July last year, and the sale only strengthens the notion that the region is on the edge of strong upward growth in the real estate market.


Employing 140 team members, the Bunnings Store is one of the largest businesses in the region, and with this sort of investment in the Ballina business community, there looks set to be some good things ahead for the locals and investors of Ballina.