Downsize Your Home and Upsize Your Life!

You’ve worked hard all your life – isn’t it about time you start enjoying the fruits of your labours? Remember all those things you’ve planned on doing – perhaps you’ve always wanted to travel abroad, entertain family and friends more, or simply kick back and relax your own luxurious, carefree home?

If you’re like most mature Australians, you’ve likely reached a point where you no longer need (or want) a large home to care for. You don’t want to be burdened with the never-ending maintenance – the cleaning, yard care and ongoing repairs and upgrades. Chances are good that your home is no longer your castle, it’s holding you back from truly enjoying your life!

Imagine The Possibilities!

Just imagine how much more leisure time you’d have, if it weren’t for all those cumbersome household chores weighing you down. That’s why more and more Australians like you are choosing to downsize their homes – they’ve discovered the tremendous freedom that comes with living in a maintenance-free luxury apartment!

Think of how you could relax and enjoy friends, family and hobbies whenever you want; perhaps you’d pursue new interests, entertain more, or live a more active lifestyle? Wouldn’t it be great to simply turn the key on your home and leave for vacation, without any worries about your property?

When you downsize to a Reside Living luxury apartment, you can relax and truly enjoy your life.

Reside Living Delivers Freedom

Each Reside Living apartment offers a full compliment of amenities that are designed to deliver low-maintenance, luxury living. European kitchens, expansive waterfront balconies, double bedrooms and full family-sized bathrooms are all standard here; natural light and ventilation are abundant, while each room is perfectly designed to optimise the stellar views of the surrounding environment.

This exclusive private community includes premium features such as RV and caravan parking, a 24/7 security system and an on-site in-ground pool. Perched at the edge of the stunning Richmond River at Ballina on the New South Wales Coast, Resides’ 36-residence building combines the best of apartment living with the investment advantages of home ownership, allowing you to enjoy easy living without compromise.

You’ve earned the right to kick back and relax – leave the hard work behind and start really living at a Reside Living community!