5 reasons to make the seachange to Ballina

If the winters are too long and too cold where you live; if the excessive rain gets you down; or if you just feel like a change, why not consider Ballina?

5 reasons to make the sea change to Ballina might be food for thought.

1.  Location

When looking for Ballina on a map, you’ll find this coastal township in Northern New South Wales, 60 miles southeast of Brisbane and 500 miles north of Sydney. Its location has been called “a little jewel in a rural green countryside”.  Three rivers run through the area, connecting small towns, villages over three hundred hamlets.

2.  Weather

If you enjoy mild weather, Ballina won’t disappoint. The area enjoys a humid-subtropical climate. Summers are warm, but humid and rainy. The most precipitation being from December to March. That’s not to say that it can’t get a little hot. The highest temperature ever recorded in Ballina was 107.6 degrees F. While winters are mild and dry, the record low ever recorded in Ballina was 28.4 degrees F.

3.  Real Estate

If you’re curious about the type of houses in Ballina, just go online, type “real estate in Ballina” and look at the wide variety of houses available. Whether you’re looking for a seaside cottage, or a sprawling mansion complete with private swimming pool, Ballina has something for every budget.

4.  Entertainment

Ballina offers a range of entertainment. There are three rivers and the ocean that is just about a magnet for beach lovers, boaters, anglers, surfers and eco-adventures. In addition to relaxing and tanning, swimming, deep sea diving and surfing, you can enjoy the annual humpback whale migration. Something that has to be seen to be believed. After a long day of sun, beach and water, visit one of the many eateries or visit the Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum.

5.  Shopping

Never fear that Ballina won’t be able to accommodate you with your shopping needs. Anything and everything is available in stores, supermarkets and malls. Furniture, electronics, fashion, jewelry, sports equipment, and so much more is all locally available. In addition there are a number of coffee shops, restaurants and diners to give you a taste of Australian living.

Should you get restless and in the mood for something different, hop over to Alstonville for a dose of historical and cultural experiences. The classic architecture and historical buildings will sooth your soul.

When in doubt, come and visit Ballina and experience its lifestyle. Chances are you’ll never want to leave.